Friday, January 21, 2011

Straight Flush Valentine with Hearts...Of Course

I just thought this was a great Valentine's card or image, whatever it is. Very creative too.

What a way to express your feelings with a straight flush with the heart suit in cards, displaying all those hearts to your Valentine.

Can I Be Your Hairy Valentine?

Now for one of the scariest photos we've put on Bizarre and Weird, the hairy guy asking if he can be someone's Valetine.

Well, would you want him?

Then again, who knows. You can't account for taste for people, and maybe there are some girls out there who a guy who looks like a lawn.

Valentine Lovers About to Duel

Okay, I'm back to a more negative Valentine theme, but I had to put this up, as the art was just too cool for me not to want to share it.

But then again, if a man and woman love each other, they're going to get into their duels, aren't they. So in that sense it's not a negative Valentine theme as long as we don't let the fight kill our relationship.

In that sense this image says a lot!

Cupid Mending Broken Heart

I told ya I was going to get more positive with my Valentine posts, and this one fits the profile.

What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than to have a broken heart mended by Cupid.

And it's also a lot of fun to make up when you're mending broken hearts!

Broken Heart on Valentine's Day

On talking a little on the Valentine theme, I've released I'm only focusing on the negative side, so I guess (maybe) this will be the last one with that theme, finishing it off with the broken heart we feel when we lose our Valentine (sniffle, sniffle).

Frankenstein Giving His Heart Away on Valentine's Day

What a lovely gesture by Mr. Frankenstein to offer what appears to be his heart to his sweetheart (whoever the lucky girl may be) on Valentine's Day.

And if she likes to fish, all she has to do is pluck that worm out of his head and impale it on a hook. Now how speciall is that.

Hey, at least he dressed up for the special occassion.

Cupid's Dead, Does This Mean Valentine's Day Cancelled?

I'm sure many people view Valentine's day like in the photo believe, with love having received a death blow, as revealed in poor Cupid below.

For some the loss of love isn't strange or bizarre, but the effects of it aren't something most of us want to experience too many times.

I thought the photo of Cupid with an arrow in his back speaks loads to what many have gone through in their lives.

A Valentine for the Ex

If you want your ex to get a little weirded out, here's an image you may want to send them.

Of course in the politically correct world we now live in, you may want to think twice before sending it, or the local police may come knocking at your door.

But it's the thought that counts! And I'm sure more than one person would like to send their ex some of their feeling like shown in the photo below.