Thursday, February 7, 2013

Crazy Zombie Teddy Bears

photo: Phillip Blackman
Getting a sudden moment of inspiration, Phillip Blackman began to work on a teddy bear to create a zombie work of art.

The result was a bear drenched in blood with it holding its heart in its hand which it had torn out of its own chest. Talk about a little intense or what. The picture of that bear is in the photo to the right.

Liking his work, Blackman decided to try his hand at selling his bear on Etsy, which is a place where crafters can sell their wares online.

The popularity of the teddy bear zombies immediately soared, as the images made perfect fodder for social networking sites, where people used them to share with one another as the images went viral.

According to Blackman, he can't meet the demand, as it has soared, especially as Valentine's Day has approached. Apparently that's from the inclusion of the heart in the zombie teddy bear design, which I'm sure some sulky person will be glad to show to their sweetheart to remind them of how much they've hurt them.

Blackman sells the bears usually in a range of $70 to $140, taking him usually two days to produce one of them. Some have sold for as much as $400 on eBay.

The process for Blackman is easy. All he does is scour around yard sales and thrift shops to acquire the used bears, and from there he transforms them into the gruesome zombies that are so desirable by adherents of the genre.

Calling his creations Undead Teds, Blackman doesn't know how long the trend will last, but with the popularity of zombies in pop culture, it appears he'll have a run that will last for some time.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Images of the Late "Stewie" the Longest Cat in the World

Famous for being designated as the longest cat in the world by Guinness World Records, Stewie, named after the character in Family Guy, died of cancer at the age of eight.

Measurements of Stewie from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail was 48.5 inches.

He died on Monday, February 5 from cancer. He had actually been thought to be in remission after receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatment for the disease, which was identified as Lymphosarcoma, a malignant disease of the lymphoid tissues. He was diagnosed with the disease in January 2012.

Stewie died in Reno, Nevada, at the home of his owner Robin Hendrickson. His full name was Mymains Stewart Gilligan

The Facebook page of Stewie was swamped with messages of affection and condolences over the loss of one of the most popular domestic cats in the world.

Below are several photos of Stewie in various poses, as well as a YouTube video of the beloved feline.

Video of Stewie - World's Longest Cat

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Weird, Funny Thanksgiving Wallpapers

In this article we'll look at several funny and bizarre Thanksgiving wallpapers. The first one isn't too surprising, as it includes a fairly common theme of a turkey turning the tables on the one looking to eat him. In this case one thing that is added is that the turkey is about to kill a Pilgrim hunting him, which would mean a disaster when contemplating this would be from the first Thanksgiving in American history. The turkey about to plant an axe in his skull looks like he won't have any problem doing the job.

The Simpsons have several different funny and odd Thanksgiving wallpapers, including this one where the turkey looks like you-know-who, which of course is why the Pilgrim Simpson's face is so surprised. And of course you see him dropping the ax, which means that Pilgrim was about to do to that turkey what the turkey was going to do to the Pilgrim above.

My favorite among the interesting Thanksgiving wallpapers was this one of the guy chancing the turkey with the Klingon war weapon. It's hilarious because he's taken on the persona of the fictional characters, and the turkey, from the look on his face, knows he's determined to score the kill. Funny.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fierce Halloween Masks: Werewolf, Spike, Clown

Whether for Halloween or other events where costumes are worn, fierce and terrible masks are a great way to garner attention and generate some conversation.

In this set of Halloween masks we look at an awesome werewolf mask, clown mask, and long-spiked gas mask. All of them would without a doubt be a fantastic choice for a Halloween or other costume party.

We'll start with this extraordinary werewolf mask, which in my experience is the best I've ever seen. What a fantastic job on the face, with all those lines making the face very convincing as to the sheer evil it represents. That would scare anyone that happened to be in a dimly lit area and suddenly encounters this amazing face.

These gas masks, which can represent several themes, is a wonderful way to differentiate yourself from others at the party. The shape of the mask is extraordinary, and you have to visualize a bit to picture how it would look when being looked upon from straight ahead.

I think it would be even more compelling, as it would be seen with all those sharp points looking you right in the face, as well as those big places where the eyes are. And if someone starts to bother you, the threat of a head butt should be quite enough to get them to stop.

This white clown mask is really a fierce-looking image, one that is startling to say the least. I like the way the pinkish color around the eyes helps to blend in with the flesh surrounding the eye of the one wearing it. Those yellow, sharp teeth give the sense that this is a clown that has some gorilla roots to it. The black line around the fiendishly smiling mouth is also a great addition to the mask, as is the hideous nose.

Halloween Horror Masks: Vampire, Spike, Biohazard

I'm always on the lookout for Halloween masks that make a statement, especially those in the horror genre.

To that end there are several masks below you can look at that to generate some ideas for any Halloween party or event you may be attending this year.

My theme, as usual, are those that are sure to attract attention and comments, something most of us are looking for when donning our Halloween costumes.

We'll start off looking at this spiked mask covering the lower part of the face in order to mention a couple of things. First of all, it's a great mask, and masks like these that cover half the face are great because it leaves some room for makeup creativity for the top of the face, providing ways to differentiate from others.

Having said that, this particular model wearing the mask is an example of what not to do with this type of mask. Her eyes simply take away from what would have otherwise been an awesome mask to wear. You want scary and ominous looking makeup with this type of mask, not the type that you may wear on a date, work, or an important event.

Next we have this terrific biohazard death skull Halloween mask for adults. What an awesome mask and look, one that will without a doubt generate plenty of comments. I like the way the green is included to give the appearance that this guy looks this way because of some type of chemical spill, which is still lying on his face. The eyes and nose are also great, complemented by the magnificent hood.

The first time I saw particular horror character was in one of the Blade movies, which represented a new strain of vampire, which declared war on the original vampires. This mask definitely enters into the "disturbing" category, as it would surely result in some looks of distaste and maybe even some fearful squeals if you catch someone off guard and they look and suddenly see this looking them in the face.

Evil Halloween Masks: Lector, Meateater, Chopper the Clown

When it comes to evil, there are a lot of masks to choose from when looking for a Halloween mask or costume to make a strong statement at a Halloween party and attract a lot of attention.

Among those that offer just such a mask and that probable type of response are mass murderer Hannibal Lector, Meateater, and Chopper the Clown; all of which provide plenty of evil and scare when worn as a mask.

With Hannibal Lector, it's the motorcycle mask that covers the lower half of his face that we'll look at first. As you can see, it's an awesome mask to wear, especially when looking at that mouth area which appears so ominous. Add the right makeup to the eyes and you'll have a great, evil look for the party.

Next we have Chopper the Clown with that evil face that always seems to have that look that makes it appear he has recently taken a bite out of someone. The furrowed brow; large, sharp teeth; and the large red lips all provide that face that most of us have no desire to ever meet.

While all of these are great, evil Halloween masks, my favorite is this one of Meateater, which has that very realistic look to his face, especially the lower part on the lips and teeth. And how about those terrifying eyes? Wouldn't it be fun to walk up to someone unexpectedly and have them face you wearing this. Even the veins in the head look realistic.

Creepy Halloween Masks

Halloween masks are a must for a Halloween party, and they can be made by face painting methods or from the acquisition of a mask. Either way, they will be a big part of the response to your Halloween costume, and the creepier they are the better, as far as Bizarre and Weird is concerned.

Below are a few masks that are definitely on the creepy side, and in a couple of cases, would be sure to make the viewer feel a little uncomfortable when seeing them.

This first mask of the wrinkled up face of an old man is fantastic. What's great about it is you can wear it as an adult, or place it on a child for an even creepier look.

If you have them learn to talk in a somewhat raspy voice, or if you yourself do, it would add a bit more of a scary feel to this amazing Halloween mask.

Most people who have seen the numerous commercials of the Burger King guy, testify to the fact that his face is definitely a creepy one to behold. That plays nicely into wearing one at a Halloween party, where you could also dress up in a costume of the Burger King as well.

Similar to the old man mask above, this would work great for a child or an adult, as the oversize mask adds to the creepy factor, along with the motionless and weird face of the Burger King.

What's terrific about this skull Halloween mask is the ability to move the jaws up and down, allowing you to talk or appear to be able to.

While it would be more cool and humorous to adults seeing this mask, the creepy factor would play to talking to, or moving the jaws when interacting with youngsters.

Awesomely Bizarre Halloween Masks

Halloween masks are the first thing people will notice when wearing a costume, and at Bizarre and Weird, the more disturbing the mask the better, and here are several Halloween masks to give you some ideas on what's available out there.

This first mask is of Schell Shocked (Jordu Schell), which as you can see, would be a fantastic and shocking way to dress up on Halloween. Not too many masks would provide the gruesome look offered by Schell Shocked, Great Halloween mask, which would provide some good gasps when the person doesn't see you come up on them.

Night Fiend Mens Animotion Demon Mask

This next mask is very cool because you can walk up to someone with a prepared short script and appear to be talking because the mouth opens up and closes.

In the image below you can see the closed mouth on the left, and how it looks, and then how it looks when it opens on the right.

Twosome Gruesome Halloween Mask

These types of masks are sometimes referred to as "freaky faces" because of the half mask design which includes two faces; one of which appears to be growing off to the side, as you see below.

It can be worn as it is, but can be blended in to look more natural with a little bit of makeup around the edges.

Based upon the disturbing factor, I think this is the best of this group of strange and odd Halloween masks, as it's not the type of subject matter one wants to look at when seeing someone coming towards you, or near you at a Halloween party.

Disney Princess Zombie Costumes

Anything with a zombie costume theme for Halloween continues to be popular, and how cool would it be to include a Disney Princess theme with the zombie to create a very unusual look, as those in the photo below did.

What would really work great initially is when someone sees you coming from afar off and only see the Disney Princess part of the costume until you get closer with your zombie makeup and blood-spattered dress and/or costume.

It's the shock factor that works so good here, and it is a great way to dress up as a group together as well, including some of the related costumes many of the guys could wear, which would also include the zombie look.

You can buy the Disney costumes easy enough and make your alterations and changes, or you could make your own costumes if you are a little crafty. Either way, it's a fantastic choice for Halloween or other costume parties.