Friday, December 4, 2009

Bad Santa Claus Decoration

Bizarre Santa Decoration

This is one bad Santa Claus, and my first glimpse of it made me wonder what the motivation was behind it, as it didn't seem to be just something done for the purpose of shock alone.

In fact, the people who decorated with Santa decapitating the person, it was as a protest of the commercialization of Christmas said those who put it up. There were also Barbie dolls behind the tree that were decapitated as well.

Maybe they shouldn't take Christmas that seriously. Seems a little too edgy for me. Each to his own I guess.

Bizarre Santa Decoration

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Photo of Santa Smoking Reefer

Bizarre Christmas

This just doesn't look like the Santa of my childhood. Hehe. This was just too funny when I first saw it, and still is.

Look at those eyes of Santa, I don't think he's going to be doing too much handing out of presents on Christmas eve. Maybe he already did it and he's winding down after a tough year. Looks pretty rough for only a one-time incident though.

Those eyes also seem to have been sagging for some time. Cut back Santa, you're going to ruin your career. It's a tough year, people are waiting line looking for a job. And you never know, they might make you pee in a bottle if you keep looking like that.

Bizarre Christmas

Bizarre Celebrations | Crapping Christmas Tradition

Strange Celebrations

This is one of the weirder Christmas traditions I have ever heard of, and very strange, even to me.

The photo above is of a figure some people in Spain use to beat on with sticks. As they beat the figure, or something that is similar to it, they say the words “¡caga tiĆ³!”.

Essentially that's to encourage the object to to poo something out. Really, I'm not kidding!

Of course what is being dropped is little goodies like nuts, torrons and candie. After this goes on and nothing is left, the final object is a salt herring which is shared by the family or community.

This figure actually is set partly into a fireplace when ordered to start pooing, for what reason, I'm not sure.

Strange Celebrations