Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bizarre Female Vampire Photo Fangs

Female Vampire Photo

This did make me wonder if she had these implanted, extended, or were just fakes that looked good.

Pretty cool either way. It reminds of a girl I worked with at a retail store once who I had nicknamed fang, because she had her teeth look similar to these, and that was her natural teeth.

Talk about being ready for a good vampire acting role with teeth like that!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Zombie Not Sharing Dinner

Bad zombie. This zombie girl can only be called selfish, as she snarls and fights over being asked to share her food by an unknown and unnamed zombie, who may just have to go to bed without dinner.

But I guess that could be profitable for someone depending on if you're the zombie or you're the dinner.

Honestly though, she is just giving girl zombie's a bad name.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bizarre, Weird, Strange Vampire Photo

Vampire Photo

This vampire photo of the guy evidently in role play, seems to say to me he is taking himself a little too seriously, although I have to admit it's effective and funny to me.

Those tattoos with the talons add a nice touch as well. Definitely a bizarre, weird vampire photo, but one most people will appreciate for what it is.

Vampire Photo

Bizarre, Weird, Strange, Odd Shoes

Bizarre, Weird, Strange Fish Shoes

When I first saw these shows I had to include them on the bizzare and weird Web site.

Of course these shoes will always look better sitting there just like they are, as they are noticed and appreciated more. But, seeing those fish tails hanging behind as you walk would make for a great conversation piece as well.

You could say these fish shoes are the ultimate flip flops.