Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Angry Birds Halloween Costumes

Angry Birds costumes are just popular and quirky enough to be cool, and they are especially great to use when going out as a group with the same costume theme to a party, or at a family gathering.

What I really liked about this first homemade Angry Birds costume is it really stands out as unique while keeping the theme and obviousness of what you're dressing as intact.

This is one I would choose if I was going alone to a party.

Below is a good example of what it would look like to go out as friends dressed in Angry Birds costumes. Very cool!

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Chucky and Bride of Chucky Costumes

You've got to be a serious fan, or seriously disturbed, to wear a Chucky or Bride of Chucky costume for Halloween, as they definitely capture the evil inherent in the two fictional characters.

Picture showing up in the costume below at someone's door, or a Halloween party that didn't know how you were going to come. You'll either win a prize of get shot. Maybe both!

Or you could always come as the pychotic couple: Chucky and his bride, as you see below.

Now that will garner you all the attention you could ever want.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Alien, Birds Halloween Costumes

These are two fantastic Halloween costumes that look great. The bird one could be considered by some as somewhat disturbing, in that you get a look at some blood being pecked out of the woman's body.

The Alien costume is also a lot of fun. It's very high quality, and being a fan, would love to see or wear one when at a Halloween party of doing some cosplay.

Lego and Scooby Doo Halloween Costumes

Although not scary in any way, the Lego and Scooby Doo costumes below are hilarious, and they would be a lot of fun to wear.

I like how the Lego couple wore matching colored jackets to go with the blue and red colors.

Halloween Boob and Weird Head Costumes

I thought both of these Halloween costumes were a couple of, ah, oversized displays, and in the end, you could say both of them looked like a couple of boobs:-).

As far as the couple coming as a couple of boobs, it is hilarious, and would draw laughter and attention all night, as would the set of fake boobs below which would help you to, ah, stick out in the crowd. Hilarious.

Twin Towers Halloween Costumes

I found these two sets of twin towers costumes a little bit tasteless, although you have to admit it took a lot of courage to wear these, especially if people thought you were being disrespectful.

But I have to admit, they will definitely attract attention, and the planes did give you a feel and remembrance of that tragic day.