Friday, May 29, 2009

Bizarre Art Trends | "Untitled Hardcore Zombie Project" from Bruce LaBruce

Bizarre Art Trends

When I found this my immediate reaction was: whaaaat? At first I thought it was really going to be edgy, because of the crazy photo you see with Tony Ward (Madonna's former something) putting the gun to his temple.

But after going through a number of the photos, there's just too much blood for me. Not in the squeamish way, but just in a way that makes it too unreal, fake, and boring; it takes over the photos, and you lose the models and mostly irrelevant posing.

The best picture is the one I mentioned. The rest don't do much for me.

I suppose there's supposed to be a shock factor here, but to me it doesn't happen.

This production is by porn/horror producer Bruce LaBruce, and is running at the LA Peres Project until June 27.

Bizarre Art Trends

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