Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bizarre Subcultures | Norwegian Black Metal

Bizarre Subcultures

Photographer Peter Beste has been known for his exploration of subcultures, and in his latest work, he shows us the type of culture surrounding Norwegian Black Metal. The book is named "True Norwegian Black Metal."

Norwegian Black Metal emerged in the early 1990s, with an extremely dark underside, which included murders and arson; especially against medieval wooden church buildings.

They've also been known do desecrate graveyards.

According to Beste, it originally started out as a juvenile fad, which quickly became a war against Christianity. It also advocates a return to the worship of Norse gods.

They completely reject mainstream society in all its forms.

Included in his book are a look at black metal acts like Darkthrone, Mayhem, Emperor, Satryicon, Enslaved and Immortal.

Bizarre Subcultures

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