Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tattooing | Making Tattoo Decisons Which Affect the Rest of Your Life


Many times those who make quick decisions about tattoos don't really think things through, and can do long-term harm to themselves, whether they regret the decision or not.

There's no doubt the more extreme tattooing you get, the more limitations you put on a number of areas of your life; including jobs and available dates and potential marriage with the opposite sex.

Even if someone wishes to remove a tattoo, it can cost a lot of money, and if you foolishly put it on your face like this guy did in the photo, to remove it would not make you look very good, and would make it worst than keeping it.

Less ambitious and less noticeable tattoos have to be thought through too, as they speak to who you are, and depending on your age or sex, may not be the most flattering message you send about yourself.

Anyway, hopefully you won't make tattooing decisons when you're high or drunk, as that's when the most damaging results can happen.

I may be best to try out some temporary tattoos before tattooing permanently, as you'll see what it looks like, and whether you want to carry that on your body the rest of your life.


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