Monday, June 22, 2009

Extreme Piercing | Corset Piercing on Neck

Extreme Piercing

This corset piercing on this guys' neck is a little too much for me. While I know these are usually done for the sake of a photo and then the ribbons or cords are removed, but even so, having something like that on my throat would be very uncomfortable. Talk about a tickle on your throat.

Another thing I don't like is doing the ear stretching thing. The corset piercing, while uncomfortable, in general, once removed, is pretty much gone, maybe other than small and hard to notice little marks. With the ear stretching though, that's one that will really cause permanent body modification, and the ear is right there to see at all times.

Someone doing this must be making a lifelong commitment to wearing it in their ear, as the ear would look horrible just dangling from the stretching.

Extreme Piercing

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