Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tattoos | Julia Gnuse - The Illustrated Lady

Bizarre Tattoos

When Julia Gnuse knew she could look like a monstrosity after a skin disease devastated her body into a bunch of boils and scars, she decided to take matters into her own hands and have her entire body tattooed.

Julia Gnuse was born with a disease named porphyria, in which blistering boils would emerge as a result of contact with sunlight. Those blisters produce scars, which of course can deform the body and face in unfortunate ways.

As a result of her tattooing, Gnuse is cited by the Guinness as being the woman with the most tattoos in the world, having about 95 percent of her body covered, which includes her face.

With so many tattoos, she has become known across the world as "The Illustrated Lady."

She is of course using the tattoos as a means of covering up the scarring, although they do nothing to keep the skin from continuing to react to the sun.

Bizarre Tattoos

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