Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tattoos | Michael Jackson Tattoos


Tattoos of Michael Jackson have been appearing online, and some of them are in honor of him, and others aren't.

Like everything with Michael Jackson, the tattoos bearing him image are contradictions.

You have the usual images of Jackson at different stages of his life and career, but also tattoos of the dark side of him; specifically the pedophile related themes.

But the tattoo I included of Jackson showing him molesting a child is wrong to me. Not because it is expressing something that could have been a evil side of Jackson, but because of inking it on your arm in the first place.

Creepy Michael Jackson Tattoo

Who puts an image of a pedophile on their arm in the act of performing their dark deed? That's just wrong.

Anyway, here are a couple Michael Jackson tattoos.


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