Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Great Fantasy Art of Woman Sitting On Skull with Huge Vampire Bat Behind Her

Vampire Bat

I love this type of fantasy art, and it's very unusal in that I haven't seen one quite like this before.

The gorgeous woman sitting on a skull with a vampire bat behind her is just too cool. But more than that, it's very well done.

A lot of people enjoy the mystique of the bat, and the vampire bat in particular, because there's no other genus; it's a one of a kind among bats.

The fact that vampire bats do at times suck the blood of humans makes it even more interesting.

How do you like this vampire art? In its fantasy art setting, I really appreciate the quality and the feel of it.

Vampire Bat


  1. That artwork is really cool and sensual. It reminds me of Boris Vallejo's work. I had a book which contained a collection of his artwork, some of which were photographic in quality. Anyone interested in his art should check him out.

  2. ha, went and checked him out. it *is* one of his pieces!