Friday, June 26, 2009

Yann Travaille's Unique Tattoo Designs


New tattoo designs from Yann Travaille has your body used more as a doodle pad than a work of art, as his style resembles a child taking his pencil or crayons and applying is limited craft on your body.

What's interesting about this, is in many cases it works, and will probably earn Yann Travaille his place in the difficult-to-break-into tattoo design artist field, which has become very cluttered.

What's interesting about Travaille is he bodly throws away most of the tattoo traditions, and has completely developed his own style. It think this is going to earn him accolades, but inspire people to have fun and truly enjoy a one of a kind tattoo on their body.

He also has a aptly named website dubbed "Your Meat is Mine," where you can check out a bunch of his work.

The only caveat is he does his work in Montreal, so you'd have to go there if his style appeals to you. Either way, it's a fun and interesting new design style that will find a place in the crowded tattoo design market.

Maybe we could call his style doodle-toos!


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