Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Body Suspension in Forest

Extreme Forest Suspension

Hey, I thought when you asked if I wanted to hang around with you it meant something a little different than like a piece of meat in a cooler.

Yet some choose to take part of their summer and go to the forest to hang from the trees in what is touted as a more 'spiritual' experience.

Enough with this spiritual experience hype; you're hanging from hooks ripped through you skin, so what type of spiritual you talking about.

Just admit you're doing it to get attention and the shock factor, don't hide behind the term spiritual to justify your behavior. Geesh.

This lady being suspended claims "She’s about to leave the UK to go travelling for a long time, and wanted to be suspended to clear her head of worries about the trip and feel brave enough to fully embrace the adventure."

How about relaxing with soft music in the background next time, that would seem to make more sense.

Extreme Forest Suspension

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