Friday, July 10, 2009

Gothic Environment | 'Batman: Arkham Asylum?'

Bizarre Art Trends

I really like the greenish/yellow colors incorporated into the latest action adventure for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 'Batman: Arkham Asylum?.' If the environment reflects the gaming experience, it will be a good one.

The look hast that gothic feel with iron gates and overgrown shrubs in a dreary but compelling backdrop, which oozes potential. And that moon in the background, How cool is that?

Now the character depicting Batman wasn't as interesting to me, as he had the usual square jawed look you'd expect, and didn't really resonate much. But that will be seen whether it's a negative or positive in the overall game.

Even so, the moonlit lighting and gothic environment gives the type of creepy and interesting look a gamer is looking for, and if it's an indication of the game, it could be good news for us.

Bizarre Art Trends

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