Friday, July 24, 2009

Richard Michaud Illustration Tribute to Ending of Resident Evil

Art Trends - Video Game Art

Now that the Resident Evil video game franchise is evidently coming to its end, illustrator and artist Richard Michaud put together a collection of images to pay tribute to the popular video gaming and film franchise.

Probably my favorite character in the series - Jill Valentine - is getting some great pics of her, and Sheva and Chris Redfield are also part of the Resident Evil art collection.

But I think we all know that if a new film came out that had a new twist to it, right behind it would be the next Resident Evil video game. But until and unless that happens, it looks like for now we won't be seeing any more new games in the franchise again.

As far as the illustrations, they are very nicely done and look great.

Art Trends - Video Game Art

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