Friday, October 8, 2010

Bizarre Halloween Decoration, Costume, Man Being Birthed

I really like the idea behind this, but it could have been executed much better.

Having an adult being birthed has a lot of potential. The problem to me is his smiling face.

Picture rather some added makeup where he looks like he's just coming from the birthing canal; all gooey, wet, and a pained expression of having to enter the world from the safety of the womb.

Also an extremely painful looking woman giving delivery would have added to the fright and extreme factor. Great idea for those who add some of the touches mentioned.

Halloween Carved Pumpkin Art and Ideas

Carved pumpkin and/or gourd art is among my favorites, and I always like to collect them to show to my thousands of readers.

The predator carved pumpkin below is almost as good as it gets, even if you're not a fan of the celestial bug.

The quality of the carving is amazing, and can give you ideas of ines and ways to create texture in other themes you may choose.

The evil tree pumpkin carving below is fantastic. The subtle way the eyes are made to give that evil look is very well done. Also the way the overall theme was created, with the gravestone and man hanging from the limb was thought out nicely. Great pumpkin carving.

Vomiting pumpkins are always interesting to look at. What I liked about the one below is the appearance of the suffering expressed through the eyes.

How many of us can relate to that experience?

Five Scary, Extreme, Bizarre Carved Halloween Pumpkins

It's Halloween season, and I would be remiss if I didn't include at least some photos of scary, carved pumpkins to enjoy looking at, but also to give some ideas for our home pumpkin-carving plans.

The first two below are compelling to me, and would be pretty easy to carve out. I like the way they look at they eat their unfortunate smaller victims.
And the one with what appears to be a spaghetti squash in his mouth shows you can use different types of products to carve out your scary art work.

The one immediately below is especially nice from the obvious frightful aspect, but the art of the Halloween pumpkin carving is very well done. It's very detailed, and I like the stitch tracks on his forehead.

Last but not least, we have the scariest one of all below, as we think of the hyped up promises which never had a chance to be delivered. That smile is one of the scariest fake one's I've ever seen. Don't let you kids seen this one.

Zombie Boy Card ... My Son!

No. You look great. Why do you think we're taking this family photo? We'll send them out to the entire family... for Halloween, I mean Christmas.

You look just like your father. Really. Who is he? Never mind. We'll talk about that another time.

Everyone will look at your cute sailor costume, er, outfit, and will think you're just the cutest thing.

Just a little bit of plastic work and you'll look good as new.

Bizarre, Scary Head Image

We've been having some fun with Halloween and that type of scary stuff, or at least stuff that's supposed to be scary, but is more entertaining.

Here we get back to something really scary gross, and this one does get you feeling a little weird.

Even so. My first thought is: get a dental plan! Look at those teeth sister.

Just because the rest of you is falling apart doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of your ivory. Ya know?

Scary Halloween Axe in Shoulder Costume

Here's a great one of a kind, homemade Halloween costume with a huge axe in the shoulder.

One thing about the Japanese, when it comes to anime, and Halloween anime at that, they can do the cosplay thing as good as anybody, as these interesting costumes reveal.

Now if we could only mass produce this axe in the shoulder thing, I'm sure we could make a fortune. With my ideas and your money we can go a long way ;-)

Scary Halloween Outdoor Car Decorations

Although this isn't scary, it is a lot of fun and would garner a lot of attention in the neighborhood.

I love the detail of the spooky outdoor Halloween decoration. Did you notice the head of the green monster inside the car? What about the foot seeming to come out of the side of the vehicle?

Children and families would love this Halloween fixture. Lots of fun. Just enough weird to be entertaining.

How about the guy on the side though? He would get a few screams out of those who come upon him unaware and in the dark.

Strange Headless Businessman Statue

Don't do it. It can't be that bad. NO! Oh wait, how do you stick your head in the side of a building like that?

The worst most of us could do would be to bang the top of our heads hard. Hopefully knocking a little sense into us.

Fun and bizarre sculpture. The question is why would someone create a statue of a businessman with a briefcase with his head seeming to be in the building?

Tell me. Why? Hehe. Only the sculptor knows for sure.

Bizarre Tongue Zipper Piercing

This has to be one of the most bizzare piercings I've ever seen. But you have to admit, it would definitely get you some attention if that's what you're after.

I just think what would happen every time you ate. OUCH!

How about when someone tries to zip that sucker up. Double ouch!

Just the split tongue is out there. Add to that the zipper running up each side of the tongue, and you have a pretty strange thing going on.

Scary Hillary for Vice President?

Here's a scary picture. Now which one is Hillary Clinton and which one isn't?

Either one is great vice presidential material for the scariest president in U.S. History...Right?

Now I wonder. Evil cousin you think? Twins separated at birth? Brother hiding out in Africa?

Okay. Okay. Just thought the eyes looked funny and mirrored one another. Now Hillary gets caught in a lot of these goofy looking images. But adding the other one at least makes her look better than normal.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Predator and Not Accepting Blind Dates

Now that we're experiencing the newest version of the Predator brand at the theater, it may be a good idea to remind ourselves of what they look like.

Now when looking at this guy, it gives you a good reason for not accepting invitations to blind dates.

I mean, it could really be an alien experience, and that could get a little creepy if you ask me.

Who want's to go out with expectations and find out all you're going to do is get "bugged" all night;-)
This is just not my idea of a prelude to a french kiss.

Latina Vampires: Why We Need to Guard our Borders

Now here's another reason we need the national guard patrolling our borders, although you better get out the holy water and crosses if you want to effectively keep these illegals from entering the U.S.

This is an image from George Patsouras, although I can't see the Latina in the female vampire, maybe she went through a physical change when she got bitten.

Either way, pretty cool Latina vampire photo.
Below is another female vampire from Patsouras. I like this one even better than the one above.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bizarre Female Vampire Photo Fangs

Female Vampire Photo

This did make me wonder if she had these implanted, extended, or were just fakes that looked good.

Pretty cool either way. It reminds of a girl I worked with at a retail store once who I had nicknamed fang, because she had her teeth look similar to these, and that was her natural teeth.

Talk about being ready for a good vampire acting role with teeth like that!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Zombie Not Sharing Dinner

Bad zombie. This zombie girl can only be called selfish, as she snarls and fights over being asked to share her food by an unknown and unnamed zombie, who may just have to go to bed without dinner.

But I guess that could be profitable for someone depending on if you're the zombie or you're the dinner.

Honestly though, she is just giving girl zombie's a bad name.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bizarre, Weird, Strange Vampire Photo

Vampire Photo

This vampire photo of the guy evidently in role play, seems to say to me he is taking himself a little too seriously, although I have to admit it's effective and funny to me.

Those tattoos with the talons add a nice touch as well. Definitely a bizarre, weird vampire photo, but one most people will appreciate for what it is.

Vampire Photo

Bizarre, Weird, Strange, Odd Shoes

Bizarre, Weird, Strange Fish Shoes

When I first saw these shows I had to include them on the bizzare and weird Web site.

Of course these shoes will always look better sitting there just like they are, as they are noticed and appreciated more. But, seeing those fish tails hanging behind as you walk would make for a great conversation piece as well.

You could say these fish shoes are the ultimate flip flops.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vampire Woman Ravens Image

Vampire Woman and Ravens

I just thought this was a fantastic image, which presumably is of a vampire woman with ravens landing on or flying around her.

The clouds, the light, and of course the woman and the ravens really work great together. I really enjoyed this image and thought you would like it too.

Vampire Woman and Ravens

Pride and Prejudice Zombies

Zombies: Pride and Prejudice

Now who would have thought to put zombies together with Pride and Prejudice. Is this a girly thing or what?

What about those choppers? Definitely needs a dental plan. Hey, even zombies need a dental plan, don't they?

Anyway, pretty stange zombie photo on the book cover.

Zombies: Pride and Prejudice

Weird Skeleton Face Tattoo

Skeleton Face Tattoo

This is way too much for me, as what in the world is he going to do the rest of his life, unless he works in a tattoo parlor, if even they would have him?

A face tattoo of any type is very risky, but this one is extremely high risk, and plain gross, although from the point of view of how well it was done, it was quality.

Still, you've got to not want to be around people to get something done like this, and it's just too far over the edge for even some of the more open people in society.

Skeleton Face Tattoo

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

AMC Orders "The Walking Dead"

Zombie TV on AMC

The Walking Dead is Robert Kirkman's highly popular post-apocalyptic drama which tells the tale of what happens in the time after zombies end up roaming and ruling the earth.

This isn't just a story about blood and gore, but also takes a deeper look into the pressure and tension related to survivors of the apocalypse and how they respond in the midst of attempting to survive not only the zombies, but themselves as well.

It also looks at how the major characters in the story change from the beginning of the tragedy and the turmoil it generates and what they are willing to do in order to survive.

Joel Stillerman, AMC’s senior vice president of original programming, production and digital content, said this about ordering the pilot for the show: “The Walking Dead and The Killing are alone in their class in terms of the quality of the storytelling. Both have remarkable talent behind them, and present that rare opportunity to raise the bar significantly within a genre. It is a very exciting next step in our continuing commitment to presenting smart, sophisticated storytelling with broad appeal.”

The Walking Dead from Robert Kirkman

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Man Accused of Hair Crimes

Bizarre Crimes

I didn't know there was a law against cutting hair, but I guess you better be sure it's your own when you decide to take out the scissors. Or else it could be hair today and gone tomorrow (to the pokey that is).

The same guy, Jared Weston Walter, 22, got into another sticky legal situation when he allegedly decided to use women's hair as a canvas for glue.

Now as far as the latest hair cutting incident, Walter seemingly attempted to cut the hair of a woman but didn't succeed. What is that? Attempted scalping?

Interestingly, Walter had a warrant out there for him in a different hair-gluing incident when he was arrested.

Let's face it, it would be a little scary to have someone with scissors and/or glue coming at you. This guy is just plain weird.

Bizarre Crimes