Monday, February 13, 2012

Cool Vampire Art

Vampire Art

Vampire art has been around for a long time, but has gained in popularity as book series have resulted in a number movie and TV franchises.

Here are some vampire art images which I liked, which you may enjoy.

This first vampire photo is of a female vampire seemingly about to be put in a coffin to sleep during the day hours. The reddish, burgundy colors are great, and I really like those candles on the right side of the image. She also seems to have finished a snack before going to sleep for the day.

I really like this vampire photo of the young female vampire sitting on the ledge of the building, apparently about to turn and go look for food during the night. It's the anticipation that this piece of digital vampire art captures, and it does it nicely.

In contrast to the female vampire above which is about to change, here we have a male vampire that already has changed. The lighting striking with the vampire standing on the balcony between the two gargoyles is a great design. The bats flying off in the distance is a nice touch to the overall ominous look as well.

Vampire Art

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