Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bizarre, Creepy, Scary Girl Photos

In this article we have a group of photos showing some girls that we definitely should think about having for friends, or in the case of guys, going out with. They are definitely a look at some creepy vixens who would put the fear of God in almost anyone meeting them. There is no doubt they are definitely are not the girl next door; or are some of them? You decide.

Now there is no doubt this first babe is not going to be considered a vegetarian or vegan. Would you agree? Unless she just got done eating beets, this girl has a real problem with how she views what is funny. Whatever she just ate, she is very happy about, as you can see in her wonderful smile and dark, blood-red eyes.

I think this next chick is just trying to get some attention. I mean, what's up with those bleeding eyes and mouth. Couldn't she have went to the ladies room and cleaned up a bit before having her picture taken? Attention whore! ... although I'm not sure I would say it to her bloody face.

Here's a spooky lady with a sense of the mystical about her. What are those flies doing gathered around your eyes deary? What is it that is attracting them to those red eyes? Her look tells me she is in no mood to do any explaining. If she wants to share her eye with some hungry flies, what is it to me.

Now here we have a more stable girl; at least when compared to the first three. That makes me worry a bit about what's going on with her red eye and laced veil over her face. And what about those black eyes. Huh? What about then honey? Hmmm. Her look tells me I better back off some. But okay, I like your lipstick. Okay?

Now for the scariest of all strange girls, those that are even strange than us but look like little angels on the outside, as you can see from her visible halo, but with her shadowy real self being exposed as a devil. And what's going on with that teddy bear. Who would do that to a poor little bear? Animal!

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