Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Dark Face of Fear - Women in Terror

In this post we're looking at the face of fear in the countenances of young women, whom are shown in various stage of terror from an unknown situation and/or protagonist.

Even though we like to shock and disturb here at Bizarre and Weird, we also like to occasionally show something that relates to the human psyche ... in this case the inner fears that almost everyone alive on this planet, or has lived on the earth, has faced at some point in their lives.

Here are the powerful and compelling photos of dark, unknown fear. In think they're amazing for what they are meant to portray. I also believe the facial expressions and consequences of the fear are done intentionally to allow us to see how fear can have such a strong effect upon our countenances.

This first photo seems to reveal a young lady caught in a spider web of some sort. Either she had the red and blue eyes already, or the trauma of what she's facing has caused the change to be made. The eyes and how they look, and tape covering her mouth, reveal she is in the midst of the state of terror. It's done very well.

The terror and apparent inevitability shown in the eyes of this young woman is a powerful statement to the inner human condition, which seems to have a unique inner eye itself, which when included with what the outer senses see and hear, can produce unbearable fear and horror at times.

Having her looking out the sides of her eyes has an even more impactful feeling of ominous terror at what she sees and knows.

Lastly we have a young lady who appears to have collapsed under the horror of her situation, as she bleeds from the eyes at the scene playing out in front of her. Her silent scream shouts out at us that whatever she is facing is about to happen. It's the fear many of us feel when we have a certainty about what's going down very soon for us.

Bizarre, Creepy, Scary Girl Photos

In this article we have a group of photos showing some girls that we definitely should think about having for friends, or in the case of guys, going out with. They are definitely a look at some creepy vixens who would put the fear of God in almost anyone meeting them. There is no doubt they are definitely are not the girl next door; or are some of them? You decide.

Now there is no doubt this first babe is not going to be considered a vegetarian or vegan. Would you agree? Unless she just got done eating beets, this girl has a real problem with how she views what is funny. Whatever she just ate, she is very happy about, as you can see in her wonderful smile and dark, blood-red eyes.

I think this next chick is just trying to get some attention. I mean, what's up with those bleeding eyes and mouth. Couldn't she have went to the ladies room and cleaned up a bit before having her picture taken? Attention whore! ... although I'm not sure I would say it to her bloody face.

Here's a spooky lady with a sense of the mystical about her. What are those flies doing gathered around your eyes deary? What is it that is attracting them to those red eyes? Her look tells me she is in no mood to do any explaining. If she wants to share her eye with some hungry flies, what is it to me.

Now here we have a more stable girl; at least when compared to the first three. That makes me worry a bit about what's going on with her red eye and laced veil over her face. And what about those black eyes. Huh? What about then honey? Hmmm. Her look tells me I better back off some. But okay, I like your lipstick. Okay?

Now for the scariest of all strange girls, those that are even strange than us but look like little angels on the outside, as you can see from her visible halo, but with her shadowy real self being exposed as a devil. And what's going on with that teddy bear. Who would do that to a poor little bear? Animal!

Creepy, Scary Halloween and Horror Trees

Trees are among the most compelling props to use at times you want to produce a fright in someone, making them fantastic for being part of your Halloween fright decorations.

In this article we'll look at a few photos of trees in nature that give of their own evil aura, with some being downright creepy. These trees don't need much encouragement or alteration (if it were possible naturally) to make them look scary - they already are.

Picture walking in the early morning or late evening when the sun is going down and running into these trees. They'll give you a good startle for sure.

I think the first tree below is the most scary of all, and would totally freak me out if I was walking nonchalantly along - without paying much attention - and suddenly coming upon the image of what appeared to be someone looking out from, or as, the tree lying on the ground. That color also adds a touch of what almost looks similar to the color of the skin of some people, making it even more believable. Very creepy!

This next tree is really great. While not as scary as the first tree, in my opinion, it does have a lot of character going for it, in the sense of adding a ominous mood to any situation you may walk or gaze upon it. Add to that the right background of dusk or dawn and you have an awesome scene to interact with. If someone had a tree like this in their yard it would be really cool to add some fake Halloween props to make it even more scary than it looks.

The next couple of creepy trees have similar looks, with the most disturbing to me being the bottom one because of the opening at the bottom of the tree that looks like a mouth. How weird and strange would it be to come upon that unexpectedly in the dark?

That's the only problem I have with these two trees - they should have been shot in the dark in order to get the best effects. Even so, as you can see, they are definitely going to scare people in the right circumstance, and would also work fantastic with additional, scary Halloween props.