Thursday, May 21, 2009

Extreme Women | Women Who Make the Spring Break Crowd Look Tame

Extreme Women

Who are these defiant girls? - These extreme women and ladies who seem to take everything to the limit?

Women who are pressing the limits are involved with many areas of life, including extreme tattooing to extreme erotic. And these oddly erotic female can go into numerous areas of interest within the erotic subculture. Many being revealed in a wide variety of erotic photos or extreme video clips.

Some of the more extreme women in the erotic area enter into wildly risque bdsm. Many of these bdsm erotic photos and extreme pics of females are disturbing to many, to say the least.

Many of these are tied women who allow almost anything to be done to them while they are helpless. Many times the bdsm actions done to the women are a combination of pain and pleasure.

Many women watching from the outside are hogtied, or should I say tongue-tied over this, and can't relate to many of the bizarre extremes some women will go to to express themselves and get attention.

A number of women like to go the route of extreme leather, while others enter into the role of submissive women. Submissive women? Is that an oxymoron?

These odd women or extreme girls can be found all over the Internet, and there are literally millions of extreme links to the women. Of course a lot of young males already know this ... don't you? ... admit it!

So in many cases these weird women looking strange and unusual, find themselves in the news everywhere, as the media eats up this type of behavior, the major reason behind women doing it.

You can even get weird news of women in extreme makeovers, where the difference between the before and after is definitely weird and strange, no matter how much a taste you have for it.

Of course The Bizarre and Weird blog is dedicated to reporting on the weird stories about people and life in general, including the growing number of strange and odd woman and girls

At this blog, you will find that a weird pic, behavior and story is the norm, and not the exception. Along with the strange and bizarre facts and pictures, there will also be the unique subcultures and fashion that inevitably is part of these lifestyles.

From the strangely erotic women and men, to those that go even a step further and enter into the freaky women and girl behavior, which is disturbing to everyone but the practicioners.

I think you're getting the drift that many women are become extreme and weird people and the weird stories and pics on the blog will tell a lot of that story and the accompanying news connected to those freaky women and girls.

Ok, you get the point.

Another area women are increasingly becoming involved in is extreme tattooing and piercings.

In the area of tattooing, Kat Von D has especially led the way to making the practice a part of the mainstream for women, with about 13 percent of women of all ages sporting tattoos in America.

Some celebrities like Angelina Jolie and her famous tatoos also have made it a much more popular and acceptable practice.

Like everything else though, there are women with tattoos, and there are women with extreme tattoos. Those with extreme tatoos also can get into a combination of weird piercings and tattoos that totally alter their appearance.

Then there are some women who end up having weird full body tattoos, which when they get older don't look good, if they did at all when they were younger.

Add in implants and things get even weirder looking, but even there there are a lot of women willing to take those steps and actions.

I don't know how far women are willing to go to embrace the bizarre and weird, but there definitely is a gap between those that will go far and those that won't.

It's one of those things when you see the women that you know right away if it's beyond your comfort zone.

But unless you're in the tattoo industry like Kat Van D, the erotic industry, or have enough money like celebrities do, many women will find themselves struggling to find their way when they discover their look and lifestyle clashes with most of those looking to hire.

I realize I've started to ramble, when I was just trying to talk a little about the unusual changes some women are embracing, and the extraordinary extreme many women are willing to go to.

Extreme Women

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