Friday, May 22, 2009

Weird Piercings | Wei Sheng - Guinness World Record Holder for Piercing

Weird Piercings

This photo of Wei Sheng is actually a wimpy one in comparison to the time he held the world record for being pierced with 1790 needles. In the photo, he only has 800 acupuncture needles in his head, making his other piercings look awesome.

As acupuncture needles are usually used in connection to health-related issues, this guy must have had a heck of a headache to need those 800 needles.

In celebration of the Olympics in China in 2008, Wei Sheng also pierced his body with 2008 needles as a gift to the Olympic games in Beijing.

According to Wei Jing, the reason he practices and promotes piercing his body with so many acupuncture needles is to keep the traditional practice of acupuncture in the public eye in China.

Wei Jing is a doctor. I could imagine going to his office with a migraine headache and being told the remedy is 500 needles in the head. Ouch!

Anyway, just another person practicing strange piercings for their own reasons.

Weird Piercings

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