Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bizarre Subcultures | The 'Non-human' Otherkin

Bizarre Subcultures

When investigating and looking at the Otherkin, it's a little bit hard to pinpoint specifics of who they are and what they represent. But one thing most of those that claim to be Otherkin, is that they are either not entirely human, or they aren't human at all.

Some of the things claimed by this subculture are they are trans-species, whereby somehow they were born in the wrong body.

Others make claims to being genetically different than humanity, citing things like a part of them being different than others, like how much hair on their body or different shapes of body parts than others have.

Another strange concept is they are travelers that entered into a body, and the original inhabitant or inhabitants are still there. Some believe the orginal inhabitant may have even left and others have entered to fill the vacuum.

Some of these things are attempted to be connected with incarnation, where a past incarnation has a strong impact on the present incarnation. I know, it gets weird. That's why I dubbed it a bizarre subculture.

Others calling themselves Otherkin go the vampire, angel, demon, elves, dragon and werewolf route, claiming all of these are part of a non-human existence on this earth, being lived in bodies looking humans.

It goes on and on. Much of it seems to be hyper-individual, and everyone claims to be something not human that comes in endless variations.

What do they do or represent? It doesn't seem to represent anything but to live in a fantasy world that helps them hide from the real world.

Bizarre Subcultures

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  1. They aren't avoiding the "real world" and they aren't living in a fantasy. For many Otherkin, Therians specifically, they have species dysphoria which is a phenomenon. Either that, or it is just a spiritual concept. The majority of these people think rational thoughts and have average intelligence, just like everyone else.