Saturday, June 6, 2009

Goth | Goth Blog Showing Dressed and Sweating on a Hot Day


Talk about a targeted niche. A new website dedicated to posting on Goths wearing their heavy clothing and makeup in hot weather and then having visitors vote on the sweatiest Goth has been launched recently, and has a bunch of pictures with Goths wearing their usual clothing in the hot summer months.

While I've never thought of Goths in the hot summer months, it is interesting to see them in their extremely heavy clothing, committed to their wardrobe to the end.

Looking at a lot of them, they do seem to have things under control in general, as many don't seem to be sweating much, while others look like they feel the heat.

Interesting concept, but watching the reaction of Goths to the summer heat and how much they sweat isn't something I'm going to pursue any time soon.

But for those interested, now you can check it out whenever you want.


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