Friday, June 12, 2009

Does the Bizarre, Strange, Odd And Weird Negatively Affect People?

Sometimes when people see the types of things we look at and explore at this website, they get upset and worry about whether it's affecting people in a negative way. Here's a general response I have to that.

Here at Bizarre and Weird, we get into some of the strangest, odd, bizarre and weird stories, customs, news, photos, videos and pictures there are.

No matter what walk of life people may be in, or what they like to do, there is always someone out there over the edge that takes things as extreme as you can get.

For example, whether it's piercings, tattoos, branding or body modification of any type, there are those that enjoy doing it, and there are those that aren't satisfied until they reached the absolute limits of their chosen interests.

Many times the strange and true are more extraordinary than fiction, as some practices are so far out that even some extreme people will cringe.

For example, we've shown weird, strange and extreme videos where people drop their babies 50 feet down and let them bounce off a canvass held by other locals.

We've also looked at the bizarre celebrations where people go into trances and insert objects through their mouths and out their cheeks, being strange and unusual for most of those that like to try edgy things.

Some of these shocking videos, photos and images are hard to look at for even the most hardened veteran of the curious. Like I mentioned earlier, why get into fiction, when the real world and the extraordinary practices make the odd and weird true news much more fascinating to watch and look at.

How much of this strange stuff can we take when taking in all the weird images and video? I don't know. While I occasionally take a break and get into the less bizarre world to take a break, I really don't find video and photos of extreme practices something that sticks in my head once I leave a website or stop watching it on TV.

I suppose weird, bizarre and strange websites could have a negative influence on some people, but those types probably struggle in every area of life, and need to take care of much more basic things than whether looking and reading about extreme events and practices.

Shocking images and video definitely have an impact, but it doesn't have to be a negative impact. Obviously you have to take into consideration a person's age and disposition, but most healthy people just enjoy seeing the odd and weird practices people participate in.

Once the weird or odd news is seen or read, most of us just go our way and forget about it until we want to search for and explore what is being done the next time.

Just because a website or media outlet shows some of the amazing and bizarre things going on in the world through words, images and video, doesn't mean it's for everybody, it's just showing what is really happening, and not condoning it one way or the other.

What's the difference if we see crime scene pictures or photos, or someone recreating something macabre to express themselves? At least the recreation isn't real, while the victim of a crime is.

We hear all the odd, strange, weird and bizarre quotes throughout the days that all this is bad, but again, I think showing the strange news and including strange images and weird video doesn't hurt anyone that is healthy. Those who would be negatively impacted by all this, to me, already have problems, and they're going to react in a possibly negative way no matter what comes their way in life.

So there's my two cents in the matter. Most of the time a lot of participation and involvment in the strange and bizarre, is more role playing than anything else. And as exposed here at Bizarre and Weird, there are those that take themselves way to seriously and become part of bizarre groups and celebrations that can really harm themselves or others.

Revealing that doesn't make a statement one way or the other, all it's saying is it's out there and it's real, and the weird and bizarre will always be with us, whether in the news, photos, video, or artwork. That's simply not going to go away if we pretend it's not there.

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