Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dark Gothic Art

Gothic art can be very foreboding in an appealing sort of way, depending on the subject matter. But one thing about it, it usually leaves an indelible impression on the person looking at it.

I love Gothic art because it always seems to be saying something much deeper than thought, and it taps into some of our own concerns and fears we have in this world we live in.

When talking about dark Gothic art, for me that means not only what is being portrayed, but the art itself, which usually includes darker colors and hues.

With this first Gothic image, we see a Goth girl looking off into the distance at what appears to be a castle, her home, or possibly both. You get the sense that her lying down also her some respite from whatever is over there, but also her clenched fist seems to point to still remaining tense just by her dwelling on it.

Gothic Fairy

The environment surrounding this Gothic fairy image is as good as the fairy herself. From the floor she's sitting on to what appears to be a closed door behind her, you get the sense of coldness, and possibly being imprisoned by someone.

I like the way the dark and light complements one another and adds to the overall feel of the work.

My favorite of these three Gothic pieces of art is the final one here. It seems to be telling an extraordinary story, but with a great deal of mystery added to it.

The cards seem to suggest this mysterious man is a gambler. That's not all though. He is also walking on what appears to be a dock over the water, yet we can't see his destination because of his body blocking the view. It also seems he's walking upwards toward something.

Lastly, the bird flying in to land on him points to it seeming to have been waiting for him, implying the bird knows who this fellow is and was waiting for him to arrive. Pretty interesting and fascinating to me.

As you can see from these three dark Gothic works, it is a very compelling genre which can tell an amazing story, or keep you guessing as to what is being said by and in them.

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