Thursday, February 9, 2012

Extreme Goth Girls

In just about every area of life there are those who take things to the extreme within the particular lifestyle they live in. That's true with those embracing the lifestyle of a Goth.

We'll look at several pictures of Goth ladies who take things to the next level, and would probably be considered edgy even by Gothic standards.

In this first photo of an extreme Goth woman, there is a little bit of everything. Thing of the time it took to put together this look. Whether you like it or not, from that, and an artistic perspective, it's pretty awesome.

Everything from the eyebrows, to the shaved sides of her head were meticulously planned. Those braided sides and front of her hair are amazingly done.

The tight, straightening of the hair above the forehead also add to the overall look she has.

Add to that the black ribbons in her hair and at the ends of the braids, and the very detailed clothing and jewelry, and you have a real Gothic peace of art in human form. Fantastic!

This next photo includes elements of several lifestyle interests in looks. To me there is the Goth of course, and also a hint of Steampunk. The extreme here is obvious in the top she is wearing. I've never seen anything quite like it. It's over the top (excuse the pun), and while too much for me, does work well for what it is. My favorite part are those cool goggles resting on her head.

In this last photo of an extreme Goth girl, we have a very different feel; one that could easily be expressed in a dystopian film or cosplay event.

Even so, this is extraordinary. The cleanness of the shaved head and the way her hair is pushed to the back really works well for her. The look of her hair and the object hanging from her wrist, which has a similar look, is very well done.

The photo is especially effective because of the way the light hits her light-skinned face, adding even more to the already impressive look she created.

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