Monday, March 26, 2012

Freaky Foot Tattoos

Foot tattoos have become very compelling for a growing number of people, and many of them really look nice. But here at Bizarre an Weird we're not into looking at nice, but all the weird there is out there.

That's definitely the case with this first foot tattoo, where the shape of the feet themselves is as weird as the tattoo with the words "dancin' shoes" on them. Gross!

This creepy 3-D spider tattoo on the foot is pretty cool, although I would have rather had the spider a little bit smaller so you could see it all at one glance rather than having to scroll around the foot to see it all.

This set of skeleton or bone tattoos on the feet of this person is pretty intense, and would definitely turn heads and get some conversation going; unless you think someone that would ink them on is to strange to talk to.

This tattoo is strange because of the odd phrase, but more importantly, because some guy was so upset over the loss of his cat, which was named "Boo Kitty," that he had to have the name permanently inked on his foot.

I found this a bizarre tattoo because I don't think too many associate a skull with the apparent death of their dad, as this woman has. Mom, on the other foot, got a little better treatment.

The more you look at tattoo designs and the stories behind them, the more they reflect the odd and strange that is part of the world and culture we all live in. Foot tattoos are no different.

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  1. It's funny how you don't actually know the stories about these tattoos. My feet are the last photo here. My dad is not dead. He has always liked the "grim reaper" character and that's why I got that for him. I don't appreciate your comment about it. Get your facts straight before posting on your stupid subjected blog!