Friday, March 23, 2012

Faces Painted as Animals

Face and body paint are becoming extremely popular, with just about every type of topic and theme covered, as well as every part of the body or face covered ... well, at least with paint.

In this article we'll look at a few photos of ladies who had their faces painted as animals.

With this first photo we have a tiger lady, with not only her faced painted as a tiger, but her entire top as well. She looks pretty catty if you ask me.

Here's another friendly feline, with a beautifully painted face, although she does, just like a regular cat, appear from those eyes to be a little shy. It is a great paint job on the face though. Geesh. You would think I was talking about my car.

I guess we have a lot of fans of cats in this group, as we have another one below. This time it's a completely different look, in what appears to be a jaguar or leopard, as evidenced by the more spotty look. Very nice and detailed job.

As you can see, face paint has definitely gone extreme and detailed, as the head has now become a canvass and not just something to carry our brains and eyeballs around in.

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