Friday, March 23, 2012

Woman Wearing Nothing but Body Paint

As with most art forms, body painting has drawn adherents who take the art to the limit, and in this case, woman have been painted wearing nothing but their birthday suit with design.

This first one is definitely bold. I don't think we'll think the same way about angels again. I really do like the colors, really I do.

This next one is my favorite probably, as she's the only one that isn't posing professionally in this gallery of naked painted girls, and she is more refreshing to me, although all of them are great.

Believe it or not I do take my aesthetic eye seriously, and this painted lady with the blue foundation looks great. It really is art with her, and that umbrella is a great touch.

This girl obviously enjoyed taking her body painting to the limit, there are all sorts of interesting things going for it. The chain, hair hat, and body paint design really work together in an odd sort of way. And the Gothic makeup is a nice finishing touch for the overall look.

I thought this was a great group of woman showing off a range of looks with their body painting designs. The art form is definitely taking a naughty turn, as more and more women aren't afraid to parade around in their birthday suit in public, showing off their bodies and the art.

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