Friday, March 23, 2012

Naughty, Sexy Purple Body Paint Sculptures

In this article we take a look at some bolder, or maybe, stupider, people than me, who have decided to wear purple paint as their main, or only, outfit.

Hmmm. Why you covering up girl? I guess you're not confident in how the paint is covering the canvass.

Here we have a lady that's displaying all her purple cavass-ets, as we get a look at a front and back at the same time. Look at all those different hues. I know you're only appreciating the art. I just know it!

My first response when I saw this guy decked out in purple paint riding his bike was OUCH!. Man that must hurt. It's hard enough riding a bike with close on, let alone only nothing but purple paint. Nice body job though. Errr, never mind.

I'm sure this gorgeous girl is knocking all the guys for a loop, as she poses in the ring ready for all comers. Ahem. Never mind. And I know you only read this blog for the great stories. Don't you? Really?

Body paint has become popular in many areas, and it seems showing as much as you can with it is part of the experience, or even art. I also think it's something people can express themselves through without getting permanently inked. This is also a lot less painful.

Pretty awesome pictures of some beautiful purple people. No wonder Barney didn't make an appearance.

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