Friday, June 22, 2012

Dark Gothic Art Featuring Women

Dark Gothic art can represent a lot of things to different people, as it can be very disturbing with some of its images, and at other times - glamorous, to others.

I've put together several different dark Gothic art image here to provide a different look at the art form and subject matter. Let us know what you think about the various pictures. Which is your favorite?

This first one can escape you if you don't look closely, as it appears to be a cute woman looking at you without a problem in the world. When you take it in though, you see she is actually shackled to a line.

You get the sense that she is a performer of some type, with her being right behind the curtain, which is open for all to view her.

But it has that creepy background that suggest there is a lot more behind the curtain than the viewer sees or knows. For example, what's that castle doing in the background? Does she live there? You get the point.

Also cool is that rat climbing along the line, right above the ominous hanging noose. And of course there are the snakes lingering around her.

The creepiest thing to me is the way the woman doesn't seem to have a care in the world; as if she's comfortable in the environment.

In the photo below we have a more whimsical piece of dark Gothic art, this one highlighted with a dark blue look. I love the outfit and how the wings go together with the beautiful costume.

Dark blue is one of my favorite colors, and it flows with the darker background and frontal environment she's posing in. Nice image.

Gothic, women, and vampires are made for each other, and this is an awesome look at an eerie female Gothic vampire. The pointed tiara is stunning, giving a sense of dark majesty and power. And it appears that the points coming up are from a gauntlet of some sort she's wearing. And those black eyes, how effective is that terrific look?

With this final image it gives a look at what appears to be a Queen of some sort, sitting on her throne while her raven subjects swoop around her.

That sheer dress is outstanding, and my favorite part is what appears to be a tiara formed around her head with the back of the ornate chair or throne. That's a great design.


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  1. I like all of them but I like the vampire women the best. That's