Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Creepy Halloween Masks

Halloween masks are a must for a Halloween party, and they can be made by face painting methods or from the acquisition of a mask. Either way, they will be a big part of the response to your Halloween costume, and the creepier they are the better, as far as Bizarre and Weird is concerned.

Below are a few masks that are definitely on the creepy side, and in a couple of cases, would be sure to make the viewer feel a little uncomfortable when seeing them.

This first mask of the wrinkled up face of an old man is fantastic. What's great about it is you can wear it as an adult, or place it on a child for an even creepier look.

If you have them learn to talk in a somewhat raspy voice, or if you yourself do, it would add a bit more of a scary feel to this amazing Halloween mask.

Most people who have seen the numerous commercials of the Burger King guy, testify to the fact that his face is definitely a creepy one to behold. That plays nicely into wearing one at a Halloween party, where you could also dress up in a costume of the Burger King as well.

Similar to the old man mask above, this would work great for a child or an adult, as the oversize mask adds to the creepy factor, along with the motionless and weird face of the Burger King.

What's terrific about this skull Halloween mask is the ability to move the jaws up and down, allowing you to talk or appear to be able to.

While it would be more cool and humorous to adults seeing this mask, the creepy factor would play to talking to, or moving the jaws when interacting with youngsters.

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