Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Awesomely Bizarre Halloween Masks

Halloween masks are the first thing people will notice when wearing a costume, and at Bizarre and Weird, the more disturbing the mask the better, and here are several Halloween masks to give you some ideas on what's available out there.

This first mask is of Schell Shocked (Jordu Schell), which as you can see, would be a fantastic and shocking way to dress up on Halloween. Not too many masks would provide the gruesome look offered by Schell Shocked, Great Halloween mask, which would provide some good gasps when the person doesn't see you come up on them.

Night Fiend Mens Animotion Demon Mask

This next mask is very cool because you can walk up to someone with a prepared short script and appear to be talking because the mouth opens up and closes.

In the image below you can see the closed mouth on the left, and how it looks, and then how it looks when it opens on the right.

Twosome Gruesome Halloween Mask

These types of masks are sometimes referred to as "freaky faces" because of the half mask design which includes two faces; one of which appears to be growing off to the side, as you see below.

It can be worn as it is, but can be blended in to look more natural with a little bit of makeup around the edges.

Based upon the disturbing factor, I think this is the best of this group of strange and odd Halloween masks, as it's not the type of subject matter one wants to look at when seeing someone coming towards you, or near you at a Halloween party.

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