Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Disney Princess Zombie Costumes

Anything with a zombie costume theme for Halloween continues to be popular, and how cool would it be to include a Disney Princess theme with the zombie to create a very unusual look, as those in the photo below did.

What would really work great initially is when someone sees you coming from afar off and only see the Disney Princess part of the costume until you get closer with your zombie makeup and blood-spattered dress and/or costume.

It's the shock factor that works so good here, and it is a great way to dress up as a group together as well, including some of the related costumes many of the guys could wear, which would also include the zombie look.

You can buy the Disney costumes easy enough and make your alterations and changes, or you could make your own costumes if you are a little crafty. Either way, it's a fantastic choice for Halloween or other costume parties.

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