Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fierce Halloween Masks: Werewolf, Spike, Clown

Whether for Halloween or other events where costumes are worn, fierce and terrible masks are a great way to garner attention and generate some conversation.

In this set of Halloween masks we look at an awesome werewolf mask, clown mask, and long-spiked gas mask. All of them would without a doubt be a fantastic choice for a Halloween or other costume party.

We'll start with this extraordinary werewolf mask, which in my experience is the best I've ever seen. What a fantastic job on the face, with all those lines making the face very convincing as to the sheer evil it represents. That would scare anyone that happened to be in a dimly lit area and suddenly encounters this amazing face.

These gas masks, which can represent several themes, is a wonderful way to differentiate yourself from others at the party. The shape of the mask is extraordinary, and you have to visualize a bit to picture how it would look when being looked upon from straight ahead.

I think it would be even more compelling, as it would be seen with all those sharp points looking you right in the face, as well as those big places where the eyes are. And if someone starts to bother you, the threat of a head butt should be quite enough to get them to stop.

This white clown mask is really a fierce-looking image, one that is startling to say the least. I like the way the pinkish color around the eyes helps to blend in with the flesh surrounding the eye of the one wearing it. Those yellow, sharp teeth give the sense that this is a clown that has some gorilla roots to it. The black line around the fiendishly smiling mouth is also a great addition to the mask, as is the hideous nose.

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