Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Halloween Horror Masks: Vampire, Spike, Biohazard

I'm always on the lookout for Halloween masks that make a statement, especially those in the horror genre.

To that end there are several masks below you can look at that to generate some ideas for any Halloween party or event you may be attending this year.

My theme, as usual, are those that are sure to attract attention and comments, something most of us are looking for when donning our Halloween costumes.

We'll start off looking at this spiked mask covering the lower part of the face in order to mention a couple of things. First of all, it's a great mask, and masks like these that cover half the face are great because it leaves some room for makeup creativity for the top of the face, providing ways to differentiate from others.

Having said that, this particular model wearing the mask is an example of what not to do with this type of mask. Her eyes simply take away from what would have otherwise been an awesome mask to wear. You want scary and ominous looking makeup with this type of mask, not the type that you may wear on a date, work, or an important event.

Next we have this terrific biohazard death skull Halloween mask for adults. What an awesome mask and look, one that will without a doubt generate plenty of comments. I like the way the green is included to give the appearance that this guy looks this way because of some type of chemical spill, which is still lying on his face. The eyes and nose are also great, complemented by the magnificent hood.

The first time I saw particular horror character was in one of the Blade movies, which represented a new strain of vampire, which declared war on the original vampires. This mask definitely enters into the "disturbing" category, as it would surely result in some looks of distaste and maybe even some fearful squeals if you catch someone off guard and they look and suddenly see this looking them in the face.

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