Monday, March 26, 2012

Freaky Foot Tattoos

Foot tattoos have become very compelling for a growing number of people, and many of them really look nice. But here at Bizarre an Weird we're not into looking at nice, but all the weird there is out there.

That's definitely the case with this first foot tattoo, where the shape of the feet themselves is as weird as the tattoo with the words "dancin' shoes" on them. Gross!

This creepy 3-D spider tattoo on the foot is pretty cool, although I would have rather had the spider a little bit smaller so you could see it all at one glance rather than having to scroll around the foot to see it all.

This set of skeleton or bone tattoos on the feet of this person is pretty intense, and would definitely turn heads and get some conversation going; unless you think someone that would ink them on is to strange to talk to.

This tattoo is strange because of the odd phrase, but more importantly, because some guy was so upset over the loss of his cat, which was named "Boo Kitty," that he had to have the name permanently inked on his foot.

I found this a bizarre tattoo because I don't think too many associate a skull with the apparent death of their dad, as this woman has. Mom, on the other foot, got a little better treatment.

The more you look at tattoo designs and the stories behind them, the more they reflect the odd and strange that is part of the world and culture we all live in. Foot tattoos are no different.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Faces Painted as Animals

Face and body paint are becoming extremely popular, with just about every type of topic and theme covered, as well as every part of the body or face covered ... well, at least with paint.

In this article we'll look at a few photos of ladies who had their faces painted as animals.

With this first photo we have a tiger lady, with not only her faced painted as a tiger, but her entire top as well. She looks pretty catty if you ask me.

Here's another friendly feline, with a beautifully painted face, although she does, just like a regular cat, appear from those eyes to be a little shy. It is a great paint job on the face though. Geesh. You would think I was talking about my car.

I guess we have a lot of fans of cats in this group, as we have another one below. This time it's a completely different look, in what appears to be a jaguar or leopard, as evidenced by the more spotty look. Very nice and detailed job.

As you can see, face paint has definitely gone extreme and detailed, as the head has now become a canvass and not just something to carry our brains and eyeballs around in.

Woman Wearing Nothing but Body Paint

As with most art forms, body painting has drawn adherents who take the art to the limit, and in this case, woman have been painted wearing nothing but their birthday suit with design.

This first one is definitely bold. I don't think we'll think the same way about angels again. I really do like the colors, really I do.

This next one is my favorite probably, as she's the only one that isn't posing professionally in this gallery of naked painted girls, and she is more refreshing to me, although all of them are great.

Believe it or not I do take my aesthetic eye seriously, and this painted lady with the blue foundation looks great. It really is art with her, and that umbrella is a great touch.

This girl obviously enjoyed taking her body painting to the limit, there are all sorts of interesting things going for it. The chain, hair hat, and body paint design really work together in an odd sort of way. And the Gothic makeup is a nice finishing touch for the overall look.

I thought this was a great group of woman showing off a range of looks with their body painting designs. The art form is definitely taking a naughty turn, as more and more women aren't afraid to parade around in their birthday suit in public, showing off their bodies and the art.

Naughty, Sexy Purple Body Paint Sculptures

In this article we take a look at some bolder, or maybe, stupider, people than me, who have decided to wear purple paint as their main, or only, outfit.

Hmmm. Why you covering up girl? I guess you're not confident in how the paint is covering the canvass.

Here we have a lady that's displaying all her purple cavass-ets, as we get a look at a front and back at the same time. Look at all those different hues. I know you're only appreciating the art. I just know it!

My first response when I saw this guy decked out in purple paint riding his bike was OUCH!. Man that must hurt. It's hard enough riding a bike with close on, let alone only nothing but purple paint. Nice body job though. Errr, never mind.

I'm sure this gorgeous girl is knocking all the guys for a loop, as she poses in the ring ready for all comers. Ahem. Never mind. And I know you only read this blog for the great stories. Don't you? Really?

Body paint has become popular in many areas, and it seems showing as much as you can with it is part of the experience, or even art. I also think it's something people can express themselves through without getting permanently inked. This is also a lot less painful.

Pretty awesome pictures of some beautiful purple people. No wonder Barney didn't make an appearance.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dark Gothic Forest Photos

The dark Gothic portrayals while interacting with, or taking photos of the forest and some of its inhabitants, is the work of Rosie Kliskey, from Plymouth, UK.

This is a part of a collection dubbed 'Coyote,' which gives a view of the dark elements that one can sometimes imagine if you're walking in a shadowy forest on your own.

You get the sense of seeing what you may have imagined in these photos, which surely would generate a sense of fear or uneasiness.

When you take in some of the morbid photos, you feel sometimes, well nothing, as you get the sense there is a disconnect between you and the subject matter.

In the end, it seems to embrace isolationism for the person, which creates a foreboding and unsurety of your surroundings.

Trash for a Face Photos

In what I consider a bizarre and odd photo series, the ‘Republic of Pulau Semakau’ photo shoot includes a number of images of people covering their face with their trash bin.

Apparently the idea is to let people know how their lives are reflected in their garbage.

The 'Republic of Pulau Semakau' shoot features residents of Singapore, and was taken in the specific environment each of person worked, lived, or played

It seems to be a snapshot of a disparate group of people reflecting a moment and period of time in their lives.

The work was shot by artist Zinkie Aw and was recently displayed at the Goodman Arts Centre Gallery.

An interesting but strange gallery of photos, as is the inspiration behind it.