Monday, February 13, 2012

Cool Vampire Art

Vampire Art

Vampire art has been around for a long time, but has gained in popularity as book series have resulted in a number movie and TV franchises.

Here are some vampire art images which I liked, which you may enjoy.

This first vampire photo is of a female vampire seemingly about to be put in a coffin to sleep during the day hours. The reddish, burgundy colors are great, and I really like those candles on the right side of the image. She also seems to have finished a snack before going to sleep for the day.

I really like this vampire photo of the young female vampire sitting on the ledge of the building, apparently about to turn and go look for food during the night. It's the anticipation that this piece of digital vampire art captures, and it does it nicely.

In contrast to the female vampire above which is about to change, here we have a male vampire that already has changed. The lighting striking with the vampire standing on the balcony between the two gargoyles is a great design. The bats flying off in the distance is a nice touch to the overall ominous look as well.

Vampire Art

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Goth Fashion Going Uptown?

Goth Fashion

The latest fashion line from Z Spoke by Zac Posen, includes a sampling of Gothic clothing designed with an upscale feel. The thought of taking Gothic uptown is in itself an unusual move, making it interesting, and well, bizarre.

Posen described his new line as "Americana gone to the dark side."

While much of the line doesn't represent that in my view, here are a few interesting pieces to look at. What do you think? Do you consider the ensemble Gothic?

I like the first piece here, especially those cute gloves and matching shoulders. The black dress looks gorgeous as well.

This second piece is also great. That high neck, which is typical of a lot of the Gothic look of the ladies, is a nice touch. The long sleeves are also a nod towards many in the Gothic lifestyle who prefer the combination of long sleeves and high neck.

In this last outfit, those wide sleeves look fantastic. The way the outfit wraps with the belt is great. Add to that the wide pants and it's a compelling look.

It's interesting to see the influence of Goth on the fashion industry, and how it is interpreted for those seeking the style.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Extreme California Haunted Houses | Winchester, Whaley

Winchester House

There are a couple of haunted houses in California that are apparently 'sanctioned' by the U.S. Commerce Department as being haunted. To me, that's hilarious in itself, as the obvious purpose of taking such a stand by the Commerce Department would be for the purpose of getting people to visit the two homes.

The first home is called the "Winchester House," and is considered among the more extreme of alleged haunted houses in the United States. It is located in San Jose, California.

Why is is considered more extreme or strange than other reputed haunted houses is because of the woman behind the design of the house: Sarah Winchester, who was the wife and widow of William Winchester, founder of the Winchester rifle company.

How the story goes is, after the deaths of her daughter in 1866, and husband in 1881, Sarah Winchester was supposed to have consulted a medium. The medium evidently told Sarah to build a house in order to fight off evil spirits.

Concerning the design of the home, legend has it that Sarah held seances every night in order to receive instruction from spirits, along with her late husband, concerning how to design the house.

What came out of those sessions was a bizarre home which has all sorts of weird designs which make it more like a maze than a livable home. All of this was for the purpose of disrupting evil spirits be confusing them through the odd design, which included hallways that suddenly stopped, various twists, a window in the floor, and a variety of secret panels.

Winchester House

Whaley House

The Whaley house, located in San Diego, California, was built by businessman Thomas Whaley.

What was unusual about this home was it was reportedly built on the place where “Yankee Jim” Robinson was hanged for the crime of attempted grand larceny.

The story goes that after the home was completed and the Whaley family moved in, not long afterwards there were sounds of loud and heavy footsteps heard in the house.

After that the legend of the house grew, as the son of the Whaleys, Thomas, Jr., died at a year-and-a-half of scarlet fever, while daughter Violet, ended up committing suicide there in 1885.

Strangely, it is now identified as a California State Historic Landmark, and can be toured by the public.

Whaley House

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dark Gothic Art

Gothic art can be very foreboding in an appealing sort of way, depending on the subject matter. But one thing about it, it usually leaves an indelible impression on the person looking at it.

I love Gothic art because it always seems to be saying something much deeper than thought, and it taps into some of our own concerns and fears we have in this world we live in.

When talking about dark Gothic art, for me that means not only what is being portrayed, but the art itself, which usually includes darker colors and hues.

With this first Gothic image, we see a Goth girl looking off into the distance at what appears to be a castle, her home, or possibly both. You get the sense that her lying down also her some respite from whatever is over there, but also her clenched fist seems to point to still remaining tense just by her dwelling on it.

Gothic Fairy

The environment surrounding this Gothic fairy image is as good as the fairy herself. From the floor she's sitting on to what appears to be a closed door behind her, you get the sense of coldness, and possibly being imprisoned by someone.

I like the way the dark and light complements one another and adds to the overall feel of the work.

My favorite of these three Gothic pieces of art is the final one here. It seems to be telling an extraordinary story, but with a great deal of mystery added to it.

The cards seem to suggest this mysterious man is a gambler. That's not all though. He is also walking on what appears to be a dock over the water, yet we can't see his destination because of his body blocking the view. It also seems he's walking upwards toward something.

Lastly, the bird flying in to land on him points to it seeming to have been waiting for him, implying the bird knows who this fellow is and was waiting for him to arrive. Pretty interesting and fascinating to me.

As you can see from these three dark Gothic works, it is a very compelling genre which can tell an amazing story, or keep you guessing as to what is being said by and in them.

Extreme Goth Girls

In just about every area of life there are those who take things to the extreme within the particular lifestyle they live in. That's true with those embracing the lifestyle of a Goth.

We'll look at several pictures of Goth ladies who take things to the next level, and would probably be considered edgy even by Gothic standards.

In this first photo of an extreme Goth woman, there is a little bit of everything. Thing of the time it took to put together this look. Whether you like it or not, from that, and an artistic perspective, it's pretty awesome.

Everything from the eyebrows, to the shaved sides of her head were meticulously planned. Those braided sides and front of her hair are amazingly done.

The tight, straightening of the hair above the forehead also add to the overall look she has.

Add to that the black ribbons in her hair and at the ends of the braids, and the very detailed clothing and jewelry, and you have a real Gothic peace of art in human form. Fantastic!

This next photo includes elements of several lifestyle interests in looks. To me there is the Goth of course, and also a hint of Steampunk. The extreme here is obvious in the top she is wearing. I've never seen anything quite like it. It's over the top (excuse the pun), and while too much for me, does work well for what it is. My favorite part are those cool goggles resting on her head.

In this last photo of an extreme Goth girl, we have a very different feel; one that could easily be expressed in a dystopian film or cosplay event.

Even so, this is extraordinary. The cleanness of the shaved head and the way her hair is pushed to the back really works well for her. The look of her hair and the object hanging from her wrist, which has a similar look, is very well done.

The photo is especially effective because of the way the light hits her light-skinned face, adding even more to the already impressive look she created.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Predator, Afterlife Tattoos

Predator, in the fantasy or sci fi genre, is one of my favorite characters and franchises, although what I think was the fourth film in the series was pretty lame in comparison to the others. Even so, that doesn't take away from the cool way these insect monsters look, and getting a great one inked on you is pretty cool, as you can see below.

The tattoo below appears to be one of a man entering the afterlife. The sense of peering through the hole in the skin look cool, as well as the apparent happiness the guy has as the the light within radiates on him. I like the way he's standing in the shadows facing out into the light. Nice effect.

Michael Jackson, Music Tattoos

Although I'm not much of a fan of Michael Jackson, I am a fan of art and tattoo art design, and the tattoo of the so-called 'king of pop' is really well done, and captures that famous pose of his so many of his fans and others are so familiar with. Nice job!

This next tattoo is really well done as well. While it's not exactly exciting to the sense to see an earphone tattoo, it is cool the way the lettering down the side, coming from the earphones, represents the song being played. Do you know which song it is?

Michael Jackson, Music Tattoos

Heart Tree, Terrorist Flower Tattoos

Here are a couple of very different looking, and unique tattoos. First this one which appears to be a heart with a tree growing out of  it. It could also just be a container holding the miniature tree as well. Either way, it's really a nice looking tattoo, and while I'm not a big fan of color in a tattoo, the red and black do complement one another here.

The second tattoo below is fascinating to me. I'm not sure if it's meant to represent a terrorist, a protester, activist, or some other person not happy with a situation, but the image itself is of very high quality, and to include the flowers in the hand as the weapon of choice is a brilliant decision. It really catches you off guard and makes you have a second look to see if what you see is what it is. Great tattoo.

Weird, Bizarre Cupid on Valentine's Day

These are definitely a different look at Cupid and Valentine's Day, or any day for that matter. No wonder love has become so uncertain in light of the faltering cupid who seems to have lost his magic.

And in the case of the two cupid guys, it's doubtful there ever was any. If the other cupid had any, he had it knocked out of him when he hit the building. Other than that, don't despair: have a nice Valentine's Day.

I don't know about you, but this looks like Cupid in a diaper about to shoot someone. For me, I'm not going to trust cupid if he's still in diapers.

If you haven't lost faith in Cupid's ability to send some magic your way to land you a true love, you'll lose it after looking at this cupid below. It's enough to turn me into a Valentine atheist.

Just when I thought I had found a Cupid I could rely on and trust, he goes and runs into a building. I sure don't want an arrow meant for someone for me to be shot by a little guy that can't even see a building a few feet in front of him.

Bizarre Sculpture | Skeletons and Steampunk Bicyclist

I really like this sculpture of the person riding the bike up into the sky. It has the feel of steampunk to me, in the sense a spyglass being in place of a head.

Also a bicycle would have been around in the days of steam-powered vehicles, making it probable it was part of the inspiration behind the piece, which is located in Chile.

As for this skeleton sculpture located in a cemetary in Nong Khai, Thailand, it's definitely an unusual way to express a couple being together after death.

Pretty amusing and interesting, and would definitely be a conversation starter for anyone seeing the happily deceased couple.

Compelling, Weird Sculptures of Businessman and Man Walking Through Wall

There are many fascinating and fun sculptures to discover around the world, and I thought I would include a couple in this article for you to enjoy.

This first one of a man appearing to pass partially through he wall can be found in Montmartre, Paris.

Not only is it interesting to look at, but that left hand of his is awfully creepy looking. Is that something like a "fail" or what?

Next is this crocodile popping up out of a manhole cover and grabbing a passing businessman. This street sculpture can be found n Brooklyn, NY.

I'm not sure of the exact message attempting to be portrayed, but the money bag for a head seems to imply if you have money you better watch yourself.

Weird Street Sculpture

Street sculpture can be a lot of fun, and some of the creations are quite amazing, especially those that have a little bit of edginess or uniqueness about them.

While it's a enjoyable to see serious works of art, those street sculptures like those shown below are what most of us really remember.

I really like this one of the guy opening up the manhole cover and tripping up what appears to be a policeman.

Next, I thought this sculpture of the man appearing to be sitting there talking to passersby is great. As you can see, the possibilities for posing and having fun with it compelling.